Carolyn Lewis


Carolyn is a true serial entrepreneur.  Her ventures include a career in sales and hospitality, starting and successfully selling an executive search firm in New York City, opening a restaurant in Krakow, Poland, and starting Locals, which is the first collective wine tasting room in California. As the Locals business matured, Carolyn’s entrepreneurial vision has not diminished.  Locals now operates through many avenues and also is a retail brick and mortar store for Carolyn’s “finds”.  As many people have remarked, Carolyn has “the eye” for clothes, shoes and cool objects. With her endless enthusiasm, energy and passion for the hunt, Carolyn scours markets, consignment stores, antique outlets and some places that will always remain her secret, for the beautiful, the unusual and the downright quirky.  Carolyn spends the search hours so you don’t have to.  Now Carolyn is moving on-line with LocalsCreate.

Carolyn lives in Geyserville, California, with her husband Tim and their beloved dog Molly.


Denise Abbott


A “Workwear” wardrobe can be a statement of simplicity and economy,  without sacrificing luxury and sustainability.

When Denise learned that the fashion industry is one of the major polluters in the world, she wondered if she could divert some of the luxurious existing textiles from the unnecessary fate of becoming landfill. Denise decided to combine her lifetime interest in repurposing textiles with curating well-crafted classic and unusual fashion pieces.

Denise’s workwear is durable, attractive, and priced to be accessible. All this, and you’ll know that you have joined in the effort to reduce the clothing flowing into our landfills.

 Denise lives with her partner Rob and their dog “Jax” within biking distance of the James River in Richmond, Virginia.


Rob Acosta-Lewis


 After retiring from a 28-year career as an international corporate lawyer, Rob (Carolyn’s brother) took some time to decompress.  Eventually, he decided to seek a creative outlet, remembering how much he had enjoyed making and creating before 70-hour weeks got in the way.  Rob wanted an idea around which to focus.  He chose lamps made from reclaimed objects to provide a balance between creativity, form and function.  And so the search for vintage objects began.  Then came concrete lamp forms combined with vintage objects.  Now Rob is also exploring transitioning from lamps (although he will always make those) to other functional objects and objects whose purpose is solely visual enjoyment.

Rob is “bi-coastal,” spending time in both Richmond, Virginia, where his three adult children and beloved dog Jackie, make their homes, and Santa Rosa, California, where he met his partner and bi-coastal cohort, Denise Abbott. 


Artist credit Richard Stilwell